Lack of "Leadership" pipeline?

Feeling stuck… …feel you have everything but still have not reached where the management may perceive you “ready” for the key leadership roles you always wanted to have….


Success comes easily to some and it may always seems a mix of the right connections, being noticed by the right people, getting the right projects and being successful in delivering the key or tough tasks, or being there at the right place at the right time or in summary being just plain lucky?

Some others also work hard, are perceived less than "ready", and forcing management to hire external talent one we believe is definitely an inferior choice.

While management as well as the individual may be feeling stuck in the situation, not having a view of the pipeline of leaders prepared to handle the next role…

Is it not time to discover what makes these people different? Shall we find out what they may be doing differently?

At the end of the engagement we will leave individuals with an understanding of the key differentiators to get on to that growth path an equipped with tools and processes to join the success bandwagon, making a great pipeline for leaders for the management.