About Us

Having a background in technology, I have always wondered why so few technology guys become CEOs.  Have you?  RootZ is dedicated to help technology leaders specifically, and only addresses very specific aspects of leadership traits and abilities that will complement them and help them become successful leaders.

A great deal of confidence of the technology people comes from their own abilities and knowledge in their field of expertise. They have in their very nature the “BUG” to get deeper into issues, to get their own hands dirty and to solve the problems. The problems they work on require language that has technological jargon, sometimes too specialized and specific; in fact the more specific the better. They work in smaller, cohesive teams living in their own fantastic and challenging world in which they thrive. The schedules and timelines are often set by customers (internal and external) and they run their lives by managing these project timelines and deliverables.

At RootZ we have been working extensively with many technology leaders in this very context and have realized that due to the very nature of the jobs and roles they inherit a few of the challenges in leadership w.r.t. their teams and behaviours such as; Communication, Delegation, Ability to handle difficult situations within their team, Balancing the domain and people paradigm as well as Feeling overwhelmed with deadlines and people issues.

If some or any of the issues resonate with you, RootZ will help you to demystify the concepts required to be learned and adopted to make you a Great Leader. RootZ through its specially designed programs cater to very specific topics relevant to technology leaders.

If you have courage to explore with us, you shall definitely improve, your style of leadership, the way of your being and that of many around you.